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Costockage en vidéo, le garde-meuble pas cher et facile
Assurance costockage et paiement sécurisé


Create a listing or find a storage space in a few clicks. We're with you A to Z

Costockage chez des particuliers = garde-meuble pas cher


Save money and help your neighbors make some: everybody wins!

Stocker chez des particuliers, une solution écologique


Real people close to you

Avec costockage, les cartons et meubles seront comme à la maison


Belongings insured, profiles checked and rated

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With CoStockage, rent a storage box, room or basement in 4 clicks

Appelez Costockage, le meilleur service client
Votre garde-meuble entre particuliers
  • Create
  • 1
List a space for free, add info and a picture. Set the price, and let everyone know
Recevoir des demandes de stockage
  • Communicate
  • 2
Communicate with the costorers who make requests. No personal details are disclosed until a booking is made
Valider la location du box, de la cave de stockage
  • Accept
  • 3
Choose the perfect renter(s) for your space. You're never forced to accept a request
Transformer son garage en garde-meubles
  • Welcome
  • 4
The renter leaves his stuff and you may give him the keys (if you wish). At the end, you rate them

You have space

Trouver le garde-meuble pas cher près de chez vous
  • Search
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pick a location and choose the best space in terms of price, conditions, and availability
Demander à stocker vos affaires chez un particulier
  • Contact
  • 2
Contact the perfect owner and ask your questions. Personal details are not disclosed until a booking is made
Réserver la location du box, de la cave de stockage
  • Book
  • 3
Book a space. The owner must answer within 48h
Stocker ses affaires chez un particulier
  • Store
  • 4
Leave your stuff for the period you agreed on, or more! At the end of the contract rate the costorer.

You need space

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